Handmade Soft Design


My name is Franci.

I am lost.

Lost in my own little dream world.

My earliest memories are all interwoven with the joy of drifting off into fantasy. Grand tea parties under old marula trees. Magical weddings under the African stars. Pyjama-parties with my favoured dolls and soft friends. I spend hours building and arranging just the right settings so not one of my dolls or animals would feel left out. The pleasure of growing up on a South African bushveld farm is the abundance of space for the imagination to grow.









All grown up with children of my own, I wanted to give new life to the games and stories of my youth. A chance for my daughters to experience the same joy I had as a child. To fall into their own stories. Build grand new worlds. To give flight to their imaginations.

I couldn’t find anybody to teach me how to create what I wanted to, so I started teaching myself.

Today years later, I draw my own characters and design my own patterns. Each one unique in their own way.









In my studio in Hemanus, South Africa old friends come to life. Each one ready to be adopted to a happy new home.

Browse through my gallery or adopt a softy in the ADOPT A FRIEND section. Join my LoLaLi facebook page for updates and news.

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